Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MAD LIB: The Scottish Festival

This summer, my friends and I went to a Scottish festival. At the festival, there were all sorts of LARGE and amazing things to do and see.

One exciting part was the massed TONGUES. This is a gathering of many different pipe and drum HANDS on one field. To see them BAKING together and playing in unison is a stirring sight. There were also individual competitions to determine who was the best. Another lovely sight was the highland dancers who SKIPPED and stepped lightly on their INTESTINE in time to the music, defying gravity. Another area of competition was the athletic SHEEP. PRICKLY, burly men lifted MEN on large posts through the air to flip them with skill. The sheaf toss involved hoisting a bale of FUNGI over a high bar.
Also at the event were border collies herding MEERKATS. On the far side of the field, a historic village was set up as a military encampment. There, people gathered to test their skills at archery and throwing battle TREES. Food vendors in the area sold BAKED POTATO pies, haggis, funnel cakes and fried CHOCOLATE. Other vendors were selling tartan KILT and FINGERS, books on SNAKES, Scottish KNIVES and music.
It's an exciting and fun event with a lot to do for people of all ages.

Thanks to everyone for participating! We always have fun with Mad Lib time.  I think we need to seriously consider making this a regularly scheduled event, aye?

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<3 Jen

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