Monday, January 30, 2012

Kilt Week Winners!

I think I finally recovered from my Burns Night hangover this weekend.  Wow, what a fun day! I especially loved the #RealScotsman chat with Fraser McFarlane!  We hope you all had as much fun as we did.  Special thanks to the incredible Jeri Smith-Ready for coordinating all the days events.  You rock!

You may remember that I started Kilt Week with a post for Zachary.  In that post, I wanted to share a song that makes me think of him, but just couldn't come up with the right one. I asked you all to share a song to help me decide and then I became indecisive because y'all posted some really fantastic choices!  *sigh*  After listening to each song about eight times each, I've decided on Judy's entry of "Suck" by Twilight Sad.  Now, don't let the title of this song fool you.  The lyrics are relevant, the song is haunting (*cries for Zach*) and the band hails from Scotland.  WINNER.  Here's a link to that beautiful song:

Here are the lyrics:

We've talked so long, suddenly it's Tuesday
We still don't know
If what we want is wrong--I just love hearing you say
"Oh please don't go"
Darling can't you keep your head next to my head
Oh just stay here
Because I can't fall asleep even in my own bed
Until you're near
No, you'll go away, of course that's not what I want
Oh I've missed you
That's what I thought you'd say but you must know that I can't
Resist you 

You suck it all right out of me
You suck it all right out of me

I didn't have to search for you, I knew where you'd be hiding
You astound me
There's nothing I won't do to feel your body sliding 
All around me
No, no, no, don't stop, I think I must be dreaming
I'll just hold you
I'm just about to drop, you thrill me with your screaming
I adore you

You suck it all right out of me
You suck it all right out of me
You suck it all right out of me
You suck it all

Man, I love this song!  It IS Zachary.

Judy, please email your address to us so we can send you a copy of FROM HERE TO INFINITY A Beginner's Guide to Astronomy.

I also came across a song on my iPod this weekend that SCREAMED Zach & Aura. I'm pretty sure Zach even mentioned this song on Twitter fairly recently as a song that reminds him of her.  Check out Transatlanticism by DCFC.  Perfect, yeah?

Thanks to everyone for your song submissions.  We loved each and every one of them!

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