Monday, January 23, 2012

KILT WEEK: We Want Moore

I can pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with Zachary Moore.

It wasn’t a scene that involved a school dance, a secret hiding spot on the USS Constellation or even a blanket spread out on a river bank. Nope. It was a scene that was far less sexy than that. This is important to note because even though Zach is the sexiest hunk of burning love to come across the pond since the 1964 version of Paul McCartney, he is truly attractive because of the kind of sexy hunk with a smoldering accent he is. *gets distracted for 30 minutes*

The moment in which I first fell for Zach happened in SHADE (hardcover edition), page 77, paragraph 7, sentences 1-4. It’s the scene in which he switches up coffee cups with Aura during their first meeting with Eowyn. It’s the first glimpse of the compassion that is a defining trait of my PBF (pretend boyfriend). You know what? You should go read that entire scene RIGHT NOW. For real. You should. It’s okay, this will still be here when you’re done.

Welcome back! He’s really something, isn’t he? Doesn’t that just make your heart melt?

Zachary also brings a healthy dose of patience and pride to the imaginary romantical relationship I have with him. We see many instances of Zach’s patience at work in both SHADE and SHIFT, but none defines it better than the scene at the end of SHADE where we see Zach and Aura discussing their future in the laundry room. What kind of guy tells a girl that he adores her and wants to be with her, but only when it’s the right time for her? I’ll tell you the type…the type everyone should fall in love with! THAT is a good man, folks.

We will soon see the proud side of Zach in a manner we’ve never seen before. And it will escalate our love for Mr. Kilt to levels we may have thought not possible. More on THAT in May.

Now, the part that’s a little more difficult for me to nail down is the point in which Zachary made me say, “Edward who?” (NOTE: Edward has a permanent address in my heart. He just moved, that’s all.) I think it was a build-up of all of the sacrifices he makes for his family and Aura along with the gentleman way he conducts himself. And when he makes decisions that hurt those around him, we see him take full responsibility for those decisions and work diligently to right his wrong.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that it wasn’t the kilt or the swoon worthy accent that made me fall in love with Zach. I love both of those things, too, but the GEICO caveman wears a kilt and has an accent but you don’t see everyone going crazy over him, do you? No. I love Zach because of who he is on the inside. What? It’s true! *cue cheesy Hallmark movie music* *roll footage of purity bear*

Now, this is the spot I wanted to use to post a piece of music dedicated to Zachary. BUT! Would you believe that I’m having a hard time finding one that does him justice? Out of respect for Aura (and Mr. St. Rand) I will not be posting the music video that initially came to mind. (It was naughty. Too naughty for me, even. Which is saying A LOT.) So, here’s where I need your help. Post a link to a song that reminds YOU of Zach. I’ll pick my favorite and take full credit for it being MY song to Zach, ok?

Nah, for real, though. Link me up your idea of a sincere and heartfelt song to dedicate to Zach. I’ll pick one to use, give you credit for it and send you a beautiful copy of “FROM HERE TO INFINITY: A Beginner’s Guide to Astronomy” by John Gribbin & Mary Gribbin. That’ll help you with some good conversation starters should you ever meet a group of people who work for NASA. Plus, Zach is a huge fan of all things science, like the theory of evolution and gravity, and would encourage you to read it. Contest is over when I find a song that fits the bill. So go on…link me! Or leave a comment proclaiming your love for Zach. I’m happy to see both types of postings.

PS - There is A LOT of goodness happening this week.  Some here, some at Fictitious Delicious, some at For What it's Worth and a whole bunch on Twitter.

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