Sunday, January 22, 2012

Keeley Week Winners

Hey there! Sorry for posting the winners late, i was too busy making hanging out with Logan! Anyway! Thank you to all of the Keeley fans out there who took the time to answer trivia and submit rhymes! You guys did an AWEsome job!

The trivia was tough and only a few got 'em all right! But to make sure you're all loaded up with Keeley Knowledge, here are the answers to the trivia questions:

1. Name all five members of the Keeley Brothers. Logan, Mickey, Siobhan, Connor & Brian

2. What is the name of the West Virginia town where the Keeley family goes camping? Harpers Ferry

3. Dylan gives Aura a corsage before taking her to the prom. What type of flower is it? Dendrobium

4. The Keeley's played at this pub:

a. Green's Irish Pub
b. Devil's Punchbowl
c. Green Derby Pub
d. Fiddler's Green

5. Name the first song Logan ever wrote for the Keeley Brothers. The Day I sailed Away

6. What brand of electric guitar do Logan and Mickey play? Fender Stratocaster

7. What instrument does Soibhan play? Fiddle

8. Name the two record labels that showed up to watch the Keeley Brothers play that fateful night. Warrant Records & Lianhan

9. At a concert in SHIFT Logan says "This song's for the ghosts." What song is he referring to? Shade

10. History was made on January 5, 2012! Logan agreed to work with Zachary and "Zach and Logan in the Morning" made it's Twitter debut! (Pigs did not fly, hell did not freeze over!) Who were the inaugural Special Guests?  Jen & Amy from Ficticious Delicious

Now, on to the winners!!

1st place winner of the Keeley Trivia Contest is: Kimberley S!! You won a personalized SHINE pre-order and a Keeley Brothers t-shirt!!

2nd place winner of the Keeley Trivia Contest: Lyssa Anne! You won a Keeley Brothers mug, pin and signed SHADE/SHIFT bookmarks!

Congrats on becoming honorary Keeleys!

And the winners of the Keeley Rhyme Time Contest: @synfulsaleana99 & @jware29!!! You guys have snagged yourselves a SWEET Keeley Brothers pin!!

To claim your prize e-mail Keeley Lover Karen at: fwiw(dot)kea@gmail(dot)com

Thanks again for making Keeley Week ROCK!

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