Monday, January 16, 2012

Keeley Week is Here!

What Makes the Keeleys ROCK! 

It’s only fitting that the posts dedicated to the Keeleys start on MLK day. Or as I like to call it, Mrs. Logan Keeley day! A day in which, I, Logan Keeley’s wife will explain to you what makes this dysfunctional, yet totally awesome, Keeley family so amazing.

How shall we do this? Youngest to oldest? Sexiest (ehem, Logan) to cutest (Dylan)? Oh, I know! *snaps fingers* Ladies first!

Poor Siobhan! Being the only girl in the Keeley family must suck major fiddle. Fer realz. But honestly, she holds her own in a house full of dudes. She fits right in with the band (talent to the EXTREME!) she’s not afraid to speak her mind (feisty attitude that DEMANDS respect!) annnd she’s just downright cool. I mean, she rocks purple cool is that!? Yeah, totally cool.

We all know that Siobhan’s twin, Mickey, tends to be very serious and is also kind of a Debbie-downer. Although some find his constant brooding slightly depressing, it just shows how deeply he cares about…everything. He fits the protective older brother role perfectly. He thinks it’s his and only his responsibility to watch out for his family, especially Logan. And when Logan dies, I think Mickey takes it the hardest. He blames himself and that breaks my heart. I just really want Mickey to be happy, I think he deserves it.

Next we have Dylan, the littlest Keeley! He’s like the dependable friend you can always count on. If you’re stranded on the side of the road, he’ll pick you up. If you’re sad, he’ll cheer you up. If someone pisses you off, he’ll fu—err…mess them up! Dylan goes from being this timid, cute little brother to this in-your-face, kinda hot little brother. He really grows up throughout the books. And being the only post-shifter in his family has got to be tough!  Surprisingly, he handles everything that’s thrown at him with such tact! Not many 16 year olds can deal with death and prom dates the way Dylan can!

*Sighs* Logan Patrick Keeley. What can I even say about this boy? You’d think that with me being obsessed with him he’d be the easiest to write about, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Every time I try to explain why I love Logan so EFFIN’ MUCH I get a little flustered. There’s something about him that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s not just that he’s talented or sexy (but that certainly helps!) it’s not even that he’s witty or passionate. There’s just something so uniquely special about Logan that I can’t put into words.

Is it the way he says things? The way in one sentence he’ll make me swoon, and the next he'll make me laugh or cry? Is it the way he does things? The way he performs on stage, the way he goes after what he wants, the way he just…exists? Is he so incredible because he doesn’t actually have a physical presence anymore yet he wants to make a physical mark on the world? Is it because he views life through this artistic lens and is constantly drawing inspiration from everything around him? Is it because he’s so alive even in death? Maybe I’m getting too deep here. Maybe all you want to hear about it how Logan is the lead singer/guitarist for The Keeley Brothers and he’s basically sex on legs!? I don’t know. Whatever it is…. I think we can all agree that he’s something special. There are so many facets to Logan and oh my gosh, you guys!!! If he was real I’d track him down and kiss him so hard! Unff! <---See!? It’s basically impossible for me to describe him.

SO. Whether you want to ponder the philosophical questions that make Logan Keeley so remarkable, brood with Mickey over in the corner, go to prom with Dylan or fiddle around with Siobhan (BAHA! Get it?), the Keeley’s are sure to keep you entertained! Because after all, they ARE kind of a show bizz fam!

 Also, be sure to come back tomorrow for some Keeley trivia!!
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