Friday, January 6, 2012

A Chat with The Woman Upstairs: The Transcript

Whoooweee did we have fun!

Thank you ALL for the AMAZINGLY SUCCESSFUL first day of K&K's Kickoff Month!  As promised, we've got a transcript for ya!  But first, to appease the numbers gal, Jen, here's some mind-blowing stats for you lovely folks.

According to (the chat hosting site...which ROCKED, btw!) we had a total of...

93 readers and 778 comments!

This is MIND-BLOWING people!! (TWU herself says she's been in chats with multiple authors featured that did not get nearly as many people). In fact, I kept checking all the stats to make sure I really had the right number.  It is NO LIE! Throughout the night we seriously had 93 people come and view the chat.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone! K&K had never done anything like this before, and you all were so patient and amazing.  Pure awesome.  For those of you who missed the chat, we missed you! A lot! Here is a transcript of all the fun.  But a warning, we went at it for 2 hours.  ;)  And the fun has just begun.

Enjoy, and thanks again to Jeri, Jen, Brooke, Karen, Amy, and, of course, all of you!

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