Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Solstice Surprise Revealed!

You all know we have a bit of an obsession with a certain SHADE book series. But you may not have realized just how obsessed we are until today.

See, we crossed the boundary from silent stalker to public pronouncer of crazy love when we decided to advocate for Zachary Moore in the YA Crush Tournament. We sent our very first email EVER to Jeri on July 5, 2011 to give her an update on our defense of Zach during the tournament. That email contained the seed that sprouted into our big announcement today. Take a look at an excerpt of that email:
While "researching" our current project, we realized that SHADE fans don't have one place to go to get all the essential facts for the series. There are lots of really cool sites with bits and pieces, but we think there should be a fansite dedicated to all things kilt and Keeley. How would you feel about a fan run website dedicated to the SHADE series? (Edited to remove crudeness. *shakes head at Jen*)

And then…

Five and a half months later…

Kilt & Keeley was born.

Amy, Jen, Karen, Brooke and Mike are all ecstatic to introduce you to… 

The SHADE Series Fansite

Now, understand that this is NOT a finished product. Heck, it probably never will be. Design is sure to change. Existing content will be further edited and additional content will be added. BUT! Now is the time to show you just how much we love this fandom. Please go look around and let us know if we’ve done you right.
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