Friday, December 20, 2013


Shattered will soon be released into the wild! SHATTERED IS HERE!  To say that we've been highly anticipating this story would be a gross understatement.  We've ALL been counting down the days on our calendars and soon we'll see just how Zachary coped with the events that happened in 3A while he and Aura were separated during the summer. Be prepared for the feels.

We've been working really hard on a surprise project for Team Kilt to celebrate the release of Shattered and we finally get to reveal that surprise.  READY?
It's a limited edition MARTIN & ZACH Kilt & Keeley TRADING CARD! Yep. You read that right! Amy has created another card for us to covet and let me tell you...IT'S AWESOME. (Thank you, Amy, for your all your hard work and incredible creative talent. I stand/sit/do push ups in awe of your mad skillz.)

(Yes, there's a back side. No, you can't see it until you get it.)
You can get all the details on how to claim one of these fetching prizes by visiting this special page. Not only wil you get the trading card, you'll get a warm feeling inside your heart by showing your appreciation to Jeri Smith-Ready. (Oh, hey, Jeri! If you're reading this, I hope our craziness hasn't crossed over into some forbidden territory.  It's just that...OMG WE ALL LOVE YOU!)
Happy Shattered day!  Go download your copy of Shattered on Jeri's website and then please consider donating a gift to show your appreciation.  Kind words are also welcome. :)
Please let us know if you're reviewing Shattered on a blog or Goodreads.  We want to promote you!
Can't wait to talk about Shattered with you all!

MAD LIBS: A Celebration of Shattered

Team Kilt celebrated the release of Shattered (OMG! OMG!) by playing a few rounds of Mad Libs. Hilariousness ensued, of course, and we were reminded of how much fun it is to hang out with everyone. It remains one of our favorite activities of all time.

Imagine the scene: Martin is packing for a sleepover with the mates over at Zach's. It *might* turn out like this:
If you are going to a sleepover at a mate's BABY, here's a BEAUTIFUL list of things to put in your overnight CAR.

1. WILD pajamas and a change of GLOVES for the next day.

2. A tooth-BOOK for brushing your TOES.

3. Some CDs so you and your friends can HURL to your favorite GLAMOROUS tunes.

4. Magazines with someone like RICHARD MADDEN on the cover and articles about how to LEAP FASTEST.

5. A SHATTERED WHISKY-light will help you to BOUNCE in the dark while you stay up RUNNING into the wee hours of the BUTTER.

If you follow this checklist, you should have a really SLIMEY sleepover.


Round two was a conversation between Zachary and CLAIRE:

(The following is a conversation had by two SHEEP in Team Kilt)

Claire: What do you say we all sit around the campfire and toast GIRLS and sing PICKLE songs?

Zachary: Nah, how about we tell ghost MEN that make our SCAPULA stand on end?

Claire: Be real! RAINBOW stories are for little PUPPETS.

Zachary: I don't know any songs. Maybe one. Old MacDonald Had a SHARPIE. My mother used to sing it to me as she RUSHED me to sleep.

Claire: Okay. We'll all sing Old MacDonald Had a DIVING BOARD.

Zachary: But I can't carry a CUPCAKE, and I'm WOOLY HAT deaf.

Claire: Then hum the SPEEDO and snap your EYES.

Zachary: No. My DUODENUM is just not in it.

Claire: Come on, be a LONG sport. Okay? All right, everyone, on the count of 42, let's sing at the top of our BEARS.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, TEAM KILT. IS. AWESOME. Love you guys!

Friday, October 18, 2013

MAD LIBS: Logan's Forever 17 Birthday - The 2013 Version

Team Kilt celebrated Logan's 2013 version of his Forever 17 birthday by playing a few rounds of Mad Libs. Hilariousness ensued, of course, and we were reminded of how much fun it is to hang out with everyone. It's one of our favorite activities, really.

Round one was a leak of the super secret invite Logan sent for his birthday party:


Dear Team Kilt,

I would like to invite you to a FAST sleepover party this Friday night at my ROCKET SHIP.  I live on the corner of South BIKE Street and TOM DALEY Lane.  Please arrive ADORABLY at 42 o'clock.  Don't forget to bring a HARD sleeping TIME MACHINE and a soft PINE TREE to rest your LIPS on. We'll have pizza topped with BALLS for dinner, and we'll watch a SILKY movie. When it is time for bed, we'll all change into our CATS and turn out the APPLES. Then we'll tell GIRLY ghost stories and talk about all the cute DOG TOYS at school! Please RSV-Y to me by email at iluvGABY Hope you can join my STICKY party!



Next, Logan interviewed Team Kilt member, Wendy, and we learned a whole lot more about her than we ever imagined possible.

Logan: Hi, WENDY! I'd like to ask you a few questions about your career in SEXTING. Tell me, how many years have you been working in the BED field?

Wendy: About 2017 years. Sometimes it feels like more when I've had a GLOSSY day.

Logan: Do you find it hard being a POGO STICK in the business POT?

Wendy: Yes, I think it's BUZZING.

Logan: Do you have a VIBRATOR degree? And, if so, from what university did you PUMP?

Wendy: I received a Bachelor of TRUCKS and my Masters of SHOE from the University of BOSTON.

Logan: How much BOTTLE do you make?

Wendy: I make 199 a year plus benefits like SKI LIFT insurance and CANDLE insurance.

Logan: I appreciate you DELICIOUS cooperation.  I wish I had your job. Do they need any more CUCUMBERS?

Wendy: No, we have enough CUCUMBERS at the office, thank you.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, TEAM KILT. IS. AWESOME. And incredible. And beautiful. And naughty. Love you guys!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Forever 17 Birthday Party!

I happened upon a Twitter conversation between the Shade Boys today that reminded me that we're mere days away from LOGAN'S BIRTHDAY!  You know what that means, right?

It's time for a Team Kilt party! The day of LPK's birth is certainly something to celebrate. That other thing that happened? Well, let's at least acknowledge it. *heavy sigh*

Join us on Twitter this Friday, October 18 at 7:00PM Central Time for a couple rounds of Mad Libs and a giveaway from our stash of Team Kilt Con goodies!  We'll be hanging out on the #TeamKilt hashtag so come find us!

While Logan doesn't really like attention (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) feel free to bring him a present.  We'll post them up on our Pinterest board!

See you soon!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Martin!

Today is August 10th, which means that some 18ish years ago, one of the greatest characters of all time was born!

Happy Birthday, Martin Connelly!  

We love you! Here's a little something we put together just mostly for you. You get to pick ONE THING from this picture.  The other comes home with me. Choose wisely.

Martin is spending his special day with his mates, but he's going to celebrate with Team Kilt tomorrow night on Twitter at 9:00PM Central Time! Come hang out on with us on the #TeamKilt hashtag to keep track of all the craziness that is sure to go down.  You can bring him presents, too.  You know how those Shade boys like to be pampered

I'm going to peruse Martin's Twitter feed and find some of my favorite Martin moments from the past few years. I know there are going to be some doozies in there! ("I LOVE CAULK!" comes to mind.)  You should do the same--there's been a lot of really great moments between Martin, Logan and Zachary. 

Hope to see you tomorrow night!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Team Kilt Tuesday {19}

Welcome to Team Kilt Tuesday, a meme ABOUT and FOR the greatest fandom in the world. We're glad you're here!

I've been keeping my eye on the YA Crush Tourney sponsored by the YA Sisterhood this week and having fun voting for my favorite crush in each round. Having spent two summers advocating for the crushiest crush in crush town, it was fun to actually pay attention to ALL the rounds and read about some fabulous YA guys to add to my growing TBR pile. But then something happened.

I felt sad.

Being an advocate is hard f@!king work. It's also proven to be one of the most rewarding experiences in my entire life. Because of the YA Crush Tourney, I've come to consider my favorite author one of my closest friends. Because of YA Crush Tourney, I've met some of my best friends in the world. Because of the YA Crush Tourney, we've seen Shade series scenes we'd never dream we'd be able to see. Because of the YA Crush Tourney, this fan site exists. Because of all the greatness that has come out of the YA Crush Tourney, I felt sad that we weren't participating this year.

Then I realized something.

All of these THINGS still exist. They've never gone away. And they're not going any where any time soon. I reread our epic adventures of the 2011 YA Crush Tourney and started getting excited. That excitement turn into crazy a few hours later when I emailed Team Kilt asking them if they'd be willing to put together a faux-advocate post for not just Z-Mo, but for ALL the Shade boys. Sure, we're not officially advocating for our boys in the YA Crush Tourney, but that doesn't mean we can't shout out our love from the rooftops, right? RIGHT? RIGHT.

So, dear world of ours. Team Kilt would like to tell you why Zach, Logan, Martin, Dylan, Mickey, Connor and even Anthony are the most crush worthy crushes in YA...


From Kimberly (@kimberdee)

Reading is such a beautiful escape for me. I don't have to worry about cooking, or cleaning, or paying bills, or working... I however can't 'fully' ignore the hubs and the kids (but I try to)- just being honest. ;)

Anyways, there is a series that is so real and true to my heart. That it's characters have left such an existent impression on me, that I have to pinch myself to remember they are fiction. And characters that I refuse to pick a favorite.

Not a day goes by that I don't think about the SHADEboys from the Shade series by Jeri Smith-Ready. The ones who fascinate me the most are Logan, Zachary, Dylan, and Martin. I have even identified them with terms of endearment. Zachary is Sugar Tush, Logan is Cutie Patootie, Martin is Spunky Monkey and Dylan (Jeri has yet to know his name), is Sweet Meat, *giggles.* I mean, these guys are so sweet, they'd put Hershey's outta business. (Heard that fine pick up line via twitter).

They each have personalities and purposes in their life that make my heart go all googly moogly. The way they fight together for the ones they love possesses a beautiful bond.

So, whenever I think about or hear about Logan, Zachary, Martin and Dylan. This is my reaction:


From Gaby (@GabyLafara)

Why I love the Shade Boys…

I don’t just love Zach and Logan who are the male leads on the books, but I also love Dylan, Mickey, Martin and even Connor! Why? Not because they’re flawless characters if there’s one things they aren’t that certainly that, but that is not a bad thing at all, in fact it’s what makes them believable, what makes it easy to relate and care for them… what makes you fall in love with them.

Logan might be selfish and not care for what others might be feeling, but his ultimate wish is for everyone to be happy, to not mourn his death but to keep on living, and live a happy life. He cares deeply for Aura but also for his family, and he might not admit it but I think he cares a little for Zach too, he’s vivacious, funny, caring, he just draws you in, his personality “sings” to you and you can’t resist this wonderful boy.

Zachary… well for starters you got the accent, I mean, who doesn’t love the Scottish accent? It’s a very powerful thing! And although he’s a really smart guy and into science and everything I assure that’s actually more of a turn on. Among his many qualities, I can say he’s brave, loyal, sweet, and we know how willing he is to sacrifice himself for the ones he love. Our Zachary is a golden boy.

Let’s go for another Keeley boy, Mickey. I care so much for Mickey, he might not appear as much but when he’s there, and he’s got a powerful presence. I get to like him so much because I feel an affinity to him, I think he’s a guy that feels so much but doesn’t really let that show or talk about it, he keeps it to himself despite how much that can hurt. He loves his family, his friends and well, I love him too.

But I also have a crush on Dylan, he evolved from being this cute geeky guy (he’s still a guy, I’m sure) to a hotter and more courageous guy! His comments made me laugh so much, and what he does for Aura at prom, well… kudos Dylan!! I know us girls tend to love bad boys, but don’t deny it, we all got a soft spot for nice guys, and Dylan is one of them. I could totally see myself hanging out with him, watching anime or something hahaha.

And well, then there’s Martin. Yeah I have crush on him, that guy is amazing!! So funny, and he cares so much for Zach which lets you see how a loyal friend he is, he’s witty, funny, he’s Scottish and if you follow him on twitter, you might know he gives massages so I’m definitely on line for that, lol!! I liked him so much on Shine but having him on twitter has just made my love grow and I’m so excited to know more of him, surely he’ll have tons on girls and boys swooning over him.

So, yeah Jeri has given us these amazing characters who are not just cute or hot guys, they have so much more going on and I know for sure they’ve brought joy to my life so I’m forever grateful to Jeri for that, having the Shade boys has me a happier girl and I know I’ll always love them!! n___n

(NOTE FROM JEN: I'm suddenly feeling like Dylan Keeley needs a little more of my attention. WOW!)


From Judy (@shellseeker93)

There’s a book called Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure. I’ve not read the book yet, but the idea has intrigued me since I heard about it. So I decided to try my hand at coming up with only six words to describe why the boys of the Shade world are so awesome. Let me just say that it was HARD! I could have – and did – write more than one six-word reason for them, but in the end I decided that was cheating so I made myself pick just one. Just know that these are not the only six-word reasons.

Six-Word Reasons the These Boys of Shade Are Crush-Worthy
by The Irish Princess 

Wishes Aura finds crazy, burning peace.

Scottish. Loves Aura, stars, rivers, castles.

Prom: when Zach’s stupid, Dylan rocks.

Zach’s best mate, keeps him sane.


Are these incredible or what? Team Kilt may not be the biggest fandom out there, but what we lack in numbers we make up for in enthusiasm. I am in awe of your creativity, Team Kilt. 

And guess what?!? This isn't even one-third of our submissions! We'll feature another round next week in a Team Kilt Tuesday post that will be as equally amazing as this one.

P.S. If you want to relive the tournament that started it all (and you have AT LEAST an hour to spare) check out our 2011 YA Crush Tourney recap and prepare to be stunned. STUNNED, I SAY.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Read-Along: A Spoiler Filled Chat with Jeri Smith-Ready!

We're wrapping up our month long Shade Series Read-Along in the best possible way...a chat with Jeri Smith-Ready!

Join us on Tuesday, June 4 from 8-9:00PM central time where we'll be talking about all things Shade related. SPOILS WILL HAPPEN so catch up on the read-along if you need to and/or refresh those fun filled moments of the read-along by looking over these fantastic guest posts!

Oh! Oh! Oh! I might mention that the woman upstairs has some really incredible prizes she'll be giving away during the chat. Check THIS out! (And be sure to read the PS on her post. I dare you not to squee with delight!)

Spread the word!  See you next week, Team Kilt!